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Footprints & Accessories

MSR Gear Shed for Elixir & Hubba Tents
Doubles the storage space of your tent. Fits Elixir 1, 2, 3 and Hubba NX, Hubba Hubba NX, Mutha Hubba NX The MSR Gear Shed adds 2.46 sq m (26.5 sq ft) of covered storage space to your tent, increasing its livability and giving you the versatility to make one tent do it all. Weight: 1.81 lbs / 820g Floor Area: 26.5 sq ft / 2.46 sq m
MSR Groundhog Tent Stakes/Tent Stake Kit
Tent stake's y-beam design penetrates and holds. One of the most popular stakes ever, the Groundhog™ tent stake's Y-beam design penetrates and holds in a wide range of soil conditions. Constructed from 7000-series aluminum, this stake is light, strong and rugged. A reflective pull loop allows for easy removal. Sold individually or as a kit of six tent stakes.
MSR Guyline Kit
Lightweight, adjustable guy lines in two sizes. These lightweight and adjustable guy lines feature a secure, non-slip design that makes it easy to stabilize your tent in heavy winds and to minimize leakage by keeping the rainfly away from the tent body. They come with easy-to-adjust CamRing™ Cord Tensioners and are available in small and large sizes: a set of four 2.4 m (8 ft) guy lines and a set of two 3 m (10 ft) guy lines.
MSR Mini Groundhog Tent Stakes/Tent Stake Kit
$3.95 - $21.95
Lightweight, compact Y-beam tent stakes. This smaller, lighter version of our popular Groundhog™ tent stake saves weight while offering the reliable performance of the original. The proven Y-beam design penetrates and holds in medium to firm soil, while the 7000-series aluminum provides years of strength and durability. A pull loop allows for easy removal. Sold individually and as a kit of 6 stakes.
MSR Reflective Utility Cord Kit 15m (49.2ft)
Reflective, knot-free cord kit. Whether you're hanging a bear bag or guying out a tarp, this kit provides everything you need for a simple, efficient setup. The 3 mm cord is reflective to minimize tripping and help you locate your gear at night. CamRing™ Cord Tensioners make tensioning the system simple and knot-free. Weight: 90g / 3.2oz
MSR Shock Cord Replacement Kit
Tent pole shock cords lose elasticity and begin to fail over time. Upgrade your tent poles with this premium shock cord replacement kit. The 3.5mm silicone-core shock cord provided with this kit outlasts natural rubber and remains elastic to -40 F/C. In addition, the kit includes detailed instructions and all the materials you need to replace the tent pole shock cord on a typical 3-person backpacking tent.
MSR Tent Pole Repair Splint
Don't let a broken tent pole interrupt your trip. These tent pole splints let you repair a pole on the fly, so you can stay in the backcountry. Available in two sizes, the 13 mm (.51 in) repair sleeve covers standard-size poles and fits most 1-3 person tents, while the 16 mm (.63 in) splint repairs larger poles and fits most 2-4 person tents.
MSR Ultralight Cord - 10m (32ft)
Reflective, knot-free cord. Great for guying out a tarp or hanging a bear bag, this ultralight, strong and reflective cord will help you stabilize your shelter and also find your gear at night. The 2.5 mm cord features a high-tensile core with a 200lb tensile strength.
MSR Universal Tent Footprint
$39.95 - $54.95
New for 2019: Easy, convenient protection for your tent floor. The Universal Footprint can help protect your tent floor and extend the life of your tent. Designed to keep your tent floor clean, dry and better protected from wear-and-tear, the Universal Footprint comes in a variety of size options to fit MSR tents. Universal 1 Person (Regular) -Hubba -FreeLite 1 -Carbon Reflex 1 Universal 1 Person (Large) -Access 1 -Thru Hiker Mesh House 1 -Zoic 1 -Hubba Tour 1
MSR Hook Stake Kit - 6 Pack
Strong, lightweight stake with a hook for easy removal. Made of strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant 7000-series aluminum, the Hook tent stake features a hook on the end that allows for easy removal. Sold individually and as a kit of 6 stakes.
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