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Handlebar Bags

Apidura Backcountry Food Pouch
Designed to add easy-access storage space for frequently used items (water bottle, tools, arm warmers, snacks and so on). Food Pouches are an essential companion to any ultralight bikepacking system and are also great for everyday riding and commuting. Run on either side of the stem; or run two in parallel. Constructed from high quality materials and optimized for durability and weight. Only 55 grams! Features: -Available in 2 sizes 0.8L and 1.2L. -Easy one-finger bungee lock system. -Carbon-friendly straps. -Yellow interior liner for enhanced visibility. -Fits either side of stem. -Padded with closed cell foam to protect contents and frame.
Apidura Backcountry Handlebar Pack
$147.99 - $169.99
Designed to make use of the space below the handlebars, eliminating the need for a front rack. Constructed from high quality materials and optimized for durability and weight. Handlebar Packs are made expressly to carry the light, compressible and bulky items of your long distance adventure, or multi-day bikepacking kit to create a larger and more balanced load on multi-day adventures or when tackling steep climbs and technical trails. Modular and customizable; this pack can be used standalone for minimalist applications, or expanded with an Accessory Pocket to provide a handy space for additional food, lightweight electronics, and other essentials. Available in two sizes, to accommodate a range of cycling needs and bike sizes. – 20L: Ideal for long haul cycle touring. – 9L: Ideal for endurance road racers and randonneurs. Please note that, while the body fabric of this pack is waterproof, due to the stitching process used to assemble the product, there is the possibility for water to enter the packs through the seams when exposed to a sustained rain. Apidura recommend using an internal dry bag for contents that must remain absolutely dry (such as electronics).
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