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Energy & Electrolyte Drinks

Kronobar Beet & Matcha Sport Drink (300g)
Its taste is excellent, naturally sweetened by beetroot and coconut sugar, and finally a sports drink that is out of the ordinary! Daily consumption of this drink will stimulate your body to prepare it for training, hydrate your body and support it during the effort. In dehydrated form, it becomes much easier to benefit from the benefits of beet in order to improve performance. Finally, a pre-workout without side effects of skin tingling, tremors or hyperactivity! Why choose the Beet-Matcha sports drink ? Matcha is known to increase performance, endurance and increase basal metabolism. Beet increases the presence of nitric oxide which plays a role in blood circulation and muscle contraction to improve muscle performance because they require less oxygen to perform the same effort. When to take it? 30 minutes before the effort in the case of an activity of one hour or less. At the beginning of the exercise for more than an hour of activity, to provide a source of energy and help keep you well hydrated. During the effort, to get a source of energy and help you stay well hydrated.
Kronobar Pure Beet Shot-Pink Grapefruit Sport Drink (250g)
Beet is a superfood that offers several benefits because it improves the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles. To avoid the inconvenience of making your own beet juice, we created the PURE DOSE drink, of which one pot is the equivalent of 75 beets, or 3 beets per serving! It can be mixed with 125ml of water to drink quickly in "shooter" before starting a training or just before a competition. We also suggest a daily consumption of this beet drink to reap all the benefits of beet and improve your sporting performance in a natural and meaningful way. Why choose the Pure Dose sports drink? Pure beet has various benefits: Increased tolerance to effort and time to exhaustion Improved blood circulation Improved sports performance at altitude and in apnea When to take it? 1 hour before your activity. For optimal results on the day of a big training or a competition, consume 1 dose in the morning and another 1 hour before the effort. It is suggested to consume the Beetroot Dose sports beverage daily to reap the full benefits of beet powder. It can be easily integrated into your morning smoothie.
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