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Swix Cross Poles Jr.
$18.39 $22.99 20% Savings
Junior Cross Children's pole with components such as PC handle and a semi racing basket fitted for developing skiing technique. Diameters & lengths: Handle 13 mm Basket 13 mm 100 cm - 120 cm 5 cm interval. Recommended use: Groomed trails, classic, skating.
Salomon Active
ACTIVE is a lightweight composite pole for performance touring.
Salomon Escape Alu Jr
$23.19 $28.99 20% Savings
ESCAPE ALU JUNIOR is a comfortable, durable aluminum junior pole.
Salomon Escape
ESCAPE is a light, reliable composite pole for touring. It features a comfortable grip and all-conditions basket.
Salomon R 60 Click
$112.00 $140.00 20% Savings
R 60 CLICK is a high performance 60% carbon pole with super-convenient Click grip for avid skiers and weekend racers.
Salomon RC 20
$64.00 $80.00 20% Savings
R20 is a lightweight racing performance pole with 20% carbon shaft and a comfortable EVA grip for avid skiers.
Rossignol XT-600 CORK
The XT 600 CORK is a lightweight and durable 5086 aluminum touring pole. Features synthetic cork grip, adjustable ergonomic strap, and touring basket.
Swix Ski Pole Nordic XC
Cylindrical aluminum pole in black with Touring handle, straight strap andfixed basket.Diameters & lengths:Handle 16 mm, basket 16 mm.120 cm - 160 cm. 5 cm interval.Recommended use:Groomed trails, classic, cruising.
Rossignol Force-5
The Rossignol Force 5 makes a great pole for the athletic cross country skier who will spend all of their time on the groomed tracks skiing in either the skating or classic style. The Shaft of the Force 5 is made from 50% Carbon for a lightweight and stiff pole for pushing yourself down the track. A Race Strap and Natural Cork Grip feel great around your wrist and in your hand.
Swix Ski Pole Clasic Performance Aluminium with Touring Basket
The new Classic pole is equipped with standard shaped strap, PC handle and TR400 touring basket. Diameters & lengths: Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. 125 cm - 160 cm. 5 cm interval. Recommended use: Groomed trails and loose snow.
Swix Ski Pole Quantum Six Just Click
Quantum Six is a good stick for those who will buy composites for the first time. This is primarily a walking pole. Equipped with our proven components PCU handles and 97 pulleys. New Profit 3D strap ensures good technique and comfort.
Swix Ski Pole Quantum Five Click
Quantum Five is designed with a focus on rigidity, impact strength and durability. A stick for skiers who want an extra solid rod and thus accept a little higher weight. This rod is almost impossible to break! Comes with PCU handle with cork-filled PU in the grip zone and the new Profit 3D strap. The TBS system makes it possible to swap pulleys out in the field within a few seconds. The rod is equipped with a large 97 TBS pulley.
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