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AlpineAire Strawberry Granola with Milk
Sweet French Vanilla Granola with Strawberries & Milk. Article number: 60118 NUTRITION VALUES Calories: 720 cal Protein (g): 26 g Per package weight (oz): 6.5 oz
AlpineAire Thai Style Chicken With Noodles
Sweet Thai chicken with vegetables & noodles. Article number: 60424 NUTRITION VALUES Calories: 500 cal Protein (g): 28 g Per package weight (oz): 5.12 oz
AlpineAire Three Berry Crumble
Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and apples with a brown sugar hint of citrus sauce. Article number: 60218 NUTRITION VALUES Calories: 400 cal Protein (g): 2 g Per package weight (oz): 3.75 oz
AlpineAire Three Cheese Chicken Pasta
Three cheese cream sauce with herbs, chicken & zucchini. Article number: 60441 NUTRITION VALUES Calories: 580 cal Protein (g): 38 g Per package weight (oz): 5 oz
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