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Flasks & Reservoirs

$33.71 $44.95 25% Off
The minimalist flask for short outings With a minimalist design, adjustable soft strap and wider cap, the ACTIVE handheld makes drinking easier, eliminates spillage and shrinks as you drink to limit water bounce. Carry enough water for your run and nothing else.
$29.96 $39.95 25% Off
Our classic softflask now has double insulation that prevents water from freezing in the winter. The new valve evacuates any possible layer of ice with a simple pressure and the handle offers an optimal grip so that you can drink easily during the effort. Compatible with all of our 42mm caps, including models designed to keep your drink cool in hot weather. - The double insulation protects against heat in summer and freezing in winter, while the valve evacuates any layer of ice with a simple press. - This flexible softflask conforms to the shape of your pocket for added comfort and compresses as you drink to limit water sloshing. - Thanks to the non-slip grip, you don't have to take off your gloves. Compatible with all our bags and plugs (42 mm) designed to keep water cool in summer.
Ultralight and more slimmed down than ever, the Duro/Dyna Handheld is our most minimalist solution for days running the road or trail. Designed to keep the included 360-mL soft flask effortlessly in-hand, no matter your stride, this running hydration solution also packs a small mesh zippered and shove-it pocket for a few extra essentials on your journey. Made with 100% recycled materials.
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