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Black Diamond Cheat Sheets 150mm x 205mm
Keep your skin glue fresh and clean by sandwiching this synthetic mesh panel between the sticky sides of your skis
Black Diamond Glob Stopper Skin Wax
Smooth the plush, increase the glideā€”use Glop Stopper Wax on your skin fabric to keep waterlogged snow from sticking and weighing down your skins. A must for spring tours or temperature inversions. Glop Stopper Wax is a must for spring tours or temperature inversions.
Black Diamond Gold Label Ski Skin Adhesive
Some of the most reliable, durable, determined skin glue ever made, Black Diamond Gold Label Adhesive comes in a 2.8 fluid ounce tube for easy application. For touch ups and Increasing the longevity of your skins
Black Diamond Ski SKin Tail Straps
Replacement straps and clips for skins
Black Diamond Ski Skin Tail Clips
2 Replacement metal tail cips
Black Diamond Ski Skin Tail Kit
Kit includes two replacement tail straps, clips and hardware
Black Diamond Skin Tip Loop Kit
Includes all the hardware necessary to install a BD-style, rigid tip attachment system to your climbing skins. Adjustable Tip Loop Fits a Wide Range of Ski Tip Shapes
Black Diamond Trim Tool
Minimalist cutter for trimming skins
Black Diamond Ultralite Tip Loop Kit
A replacement Dynex and aluminum tip loop kit.
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