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Peaty's Linklube All Seasons Starter Pack
Whether it’s wetter than an otter’s pocket or drier than a camel’s toenail, this pack has every lube you need for all types of riding conditions. ONE BOTTLE OF 60ML LINKLUBE DRY ONE BOTTLE OF 60ML LINKLUBE ALL WEATHER ONE BOTTLE OF 60ML LINKLUBE WET
A LUBE FOR EXTREME CONDITIONS The MINT’N DRY Wet lube is a lubricating oil containing an anti-wear additive made of ceramic micro-particles in a high viscosity mixture, to reduce friction. It adheres to the chain to keep it lubricated while protecting it against extreme weather conditions such as water, mud, and snow. It provides increased protection against corrosion. Great for off-road biking, winter biking, and higher torque electric bikes. DESCRIPTION Increased protection against corrosion For Mountain biking, off-road Riding , winter Riding and higher torque electric bikes Biodegradable Made in Quebec
Bontrager Chain Lube - 118ml/4oz
Bontrager's proprietary chain lube is a true hybrid to ensure your chain stays clean, quiet, and efficient. The long-lasting formula lets you go longer between applications. High-performance chain lube works great in all conditions and riding styles Proprietary formula is Trek's factory-recommended chain lube Helps maintain clean, long-lasting, and efficient drivetrains Pleasing berry scent Apply after your ride and allow to dry to keep your drivetrain clean 4 fl oz (118mL) bottle is easy to use with a precise applicator tip
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