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A daylight-visible tail light with 35 Lumens of balanced light to keep you visible in the city, day or night. Paint the city day or night The Flare R City tail light is daytime visible and designed for the city. A wide beam spread, focused optics, and an interruptive flash pattern make it visible from over 400m during the day. A built in ambient light sensor provides auto-brightness control, and the included Quick Connect bracket offers simple removal for recharging via the included USB cable. 35 Lumens of power and the wide visibility angle of the Flare R City tail light make you the biggest distraction on the city streets, day or night. - 35 Lumens provide visibility from over 400m day or night - Wide visibility angle intended for city use - Two day-time visibility modes and two night modes - Day flash 35LM-8hrs, night flash 35LM-16hrs, day steady 20LM-3hrs, night steady 2LM-20hrs - Integrated light sensor for auto-brightness control - Battery save mode at 5% life helps ensure a safe ride home with depleted battery - Quick connect bracket with 16 degree offset compensates for seatpost angle - Includes Quick connect bracket and micro USB charging cable
The ultimate daytime running light. This compact and powerful USB rechargeable rear bike light is visible from up to 2km away, day and night. Bontrager Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are designed with specific focus, flash, and range, so you can stand out from a meaningful distance on every ride. Battery save mode provides 30 minutes of additional runtime when battery life reaches 5% The integrated light sensor auto-adjusts brightness to your environment. Connect with Garmin and Bontrager ANT+ devices for "always on", battery status, and light control. Confidently ride through wet conditions with an updated USB port and IPX7 waterproof rating. Includes Flare RT, rear Quick Connect bracket, and mini USB charging cable
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