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With 100 years of experience Orbea is steeped in tradition and has a long history in cycling. Orbea is true to its Basque roots with much of its manufacturing and assembly still taking place in Spain and Portugal. Orbea has a Winning pedigree with wins in some of the largest events in both road and Mountain, Orbea has been atop the podium in the Olympics and World Championships.

What makes us most excited about Orbea is their ability to do custom paint and specs. The MyO Program is unique since the bikes are manufactured and assembled in their own factories giving customers the ability to customize paint for no extra cost on many models. Add in the fact that you can swap & upgrade handlebars, stems, saddles and wheels before the bike ever ships, you can get exactly what you want all from the factory.

Orbea is a leader in E-bike and like it or not they are here to stay. E-bike allows more people to enter the sport which will pay off in the future when it comes to cycling infrastructure. More people on bikes can help our country reduce its carbon footprint.

Our Two Favorite Orbea Models right now.

Terra – Available in Carbon or Aluminum this gravel bike checks all the right boxes. The aluminum model is designed to make gravel more accessible and bikes are equipped with mounts for racks, fenders and three water bottles. The Carbon version is ready for long days in the saddle with precise handling and added comfort without sacrificing stiffness. Add in custom paint options, downtube storage this bike is pretty much right for any gravel enthusiast.

Occam – Available in Carbon and Aluminum and two suspension travels; 140mm of travel and an LT (long travel) version with 150mm and a slackened headtube, this bike is designed for the big mountain – Light enduro rider looking for versatility.  With Spec levels from $3399 – 12,599 and MyO customization on many models its hard not to find the right bike for you.