Bred in British Columbia, Canada from towering granite peaks and verdant coastal rain forests, SUGOI's product designs have been shaped by its environment from day one. Since 1987, Sugoi's origins and the harsh Canadian climate have forged a culture of innovation and resolve that can be summed up in one word: Incredible.

It is this wide–ranging playground that provides the perfect environment for SUGOI to perfect their products—the only thing that stands between an athlete and the elements. Survival is not enough; their products must thrive in a place like this.

What Sugoi does: design and create performance apparel that doesn’t just meet high standards, it sets them. So you can do what you do: push your body and mind to perform at their limits no matter what the climate throws at you, from sudden mountaintop squalls to simmering desert heat.

That interface between the athlete and the elements is where SUGOI comes to play. The rest is up to you.

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