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Fitness Accessories

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Louis Garneau Tri Belt

Louis Garneau's Tri Belt gives you a place to attach your race number so you don't need to pin it to your clothing (which over time can cause damage). It also has 3 grippy elastic loops for securely holding energy gels for easy access. This great race belt features a fastening system with an… [more]

Nathan StrobeLight LED Clip

Safety with style in a slim, lightweight, and waterproof strobe. With 100+ hours of illumination, the StrobeLight has the perfect amount of light to keep you moving safely during all hours of the day. Secure clip on back easily attaches to belt, apparel, or gear High visibility blinking and steady… [more]

Nathan Race Number Belt

The lightest, most comfortable, non-chafe race number belt, period. Reflective detail Easily and securely attaches to any laced shoe Virtually unnoticeable [more]

Addaday Junior Roller 3"

The Junior + Roller with Surface Skin Technology (SST) is a lightweight versatile roller that works great for plantar fasciitis and getting into hard to reach muscles. Designed to be held one handed or placed on the floor for plantar relief. This easily portable roller also works great for the… [more]

2XU Expandable Belt

2XU's Expandable Belt is a comfortable, hands-free way to carry your fuel, keys, and cash while you run. • Adjustable elasticated belt • Expandable membrane waterproof zip pocket • Elastic gel loops • Small power mesh pocket [more]


The FootWheel was developed to soothe tired, achy feet in seconds. Great for the bottom of your feet - developed to soothe tired, achy feet in seconds. A must in the management of plantar fasciitis. [more]


A companion to The Stick, the TriggerWheel features a single 2" nylon wheel with a 1/4" oval treating surface. It is especially effective in areas too small or too difficult to be reached by The Stick; great for neck, traps, pecs, forearms..... LENGTH: 5-inches GRIP: Black [more]

Nathan LightBender LED Armband

An incredibly lightweight and comfortable LED band, the LightBender wraps around your arm with a chafe-free stretch band to provide 360-degree visibility. Better yet? It's completely sweatproof, water-resistant, and powered with easily replaceable watch batteries. Usage Instructions: Press and hold… [more]

Addaday Marble Roller 3.25"

The Marble Roller is designed for easy one hand use. It feels great on the neck, arms and hand but can be used all over the body. The Marble roller has a diameter of 3 1/8". [more]


Standard flexibility, the Travel Stick is the second 2nd shortest Stick. It is great for portability; primarily used on legs. LENGTH: 17-inches TYPE: Standard GRIPS: Red [more]

Nathan Bandolier Safety Vest

One Size fits most. This new reflective vest features a minimal, modern fit while offering 360-degrees of maximum visibility. Slim, minimal design offers full range of motion without interrupting arm swing 360-degree reflectivity for visibility in low-light conditions Zippered pocket for small… [more]

Lole I Glow Yoga Mat 5mm

This iconic Lolë mat proudly bears the brand’s famous colours. Beginner and occasional yogis can strike all the basic yoga poses on this reversible mat made of eco-friendly material. • Signature eyelet • Thickness: 5 mm • Weight: 1.1 kg • Dimensions: 24 in. x 72 in. (61 cm x 183 cm) FABRIC:… [more]

Nathan Streak Reflective Vest

An ultra-lightweight and sleek design, 1200-foot visibility, and 360-degree reflectivity optimize performance and safety. Anatomical shape offers full range of motion without interrupting arm swing Adjustable fit with VELCRO®-closure tabs Attachment points for Run Longer Light Series and other… [more]


Segmental stretching device. The Sprinter Stick is the firmest of the short Sticks, thereby making it the most versatile of the short Sticks. A light to deep massage is controlled by the pressure of the user. Primarily used on legs. A favorite for athletes "on the road" as it perfectly fits in most… [more]

Nathan Lightstreak Safety Vest

An ultra-lightweight and sleek design, 1,200-foot visibility, and 360-degree reflectivity optimize performance and safety. Now offered with front and back LED's. Anatomical shape offers full range of motion without interrupting arm swing [more]

Addaday Hybrid Roller 22.5"

The Type A2 Ultra Roller is designed for all body types. The roller provides relief to tense, tired and sore muscles by rolling the massage "gears" across the legs, arms, back and other affected muscle groups. The Type A2 has four hard gears and one gear featuring our soft Skin Surface Technology.… [more]

Addaday Massage Roller 18.25"

The Type C has Surface Skin Technology (SST) and a pinpoint precision gear that works great on the shin, soleus and achilles. The SST on the Type C is Addaday's medium density version. The Type C roller is 18 1/4" long. [more]


Most popular model for the average build. Standard flexibility, designed for the average body mass if you are up to 5' 10' and flexible. It is easy to be used by yourself on all major muscle groups. LENGTH: 24-inches TYPE: Standard GRIPS: Blue [more]


New Model; most flexible of the medium model Sticks; wheel is centered for target application. Great for digging into the gastroc, behind the knee, neck, rhomboid and forearms. LENGTH: 23-inches TYPE: Standard GRIPS: Red [more]

Addaday Pro Roller 21"

The Pro features both the soft and medium density Skin Surface Technology and also includes a pinpoint precision gear. It allows for a versatile massage with three different levels of gears. The SST on the Pro is both soft density and medium density versions. The Pro roller is 21" long. [more]


Firmest of all of The Sticks. The Stiff Stick is for those who love / need deep massages; by pressing lighter, you can simulate a light massage. It is a favorite of most athletes; if you are up to 5' 10" and flexible, easy to use by yourself on all major muscle groups. LENGTH: 24-inches TYPE: Stiff… [more]

Nathan Zephyr Fire 300 Hand Torch LED Light Black

This flashlight, designed for runners, features an integrated 24-degree downward projection angle to focus light on the path ahead of you during the run – no need to twist your wrist! A rear-facing red LED gives you visibility from the back (great out on the roads). Maybe best of all? The Zephyr… [more]

22 Results